True Combat Honey Badger Vs Leopard

The badger or the honey badger is a small carnivore of the mustelidae family, this leopard thought he had a prey, it is a small honey badger that he holds between his fangs.

But suddenly his mother is quickly coming to bite this leopard with all aggression. he runs away like a cat.

You have to understand that predators react based on their experience. We must not confuse fear and prudence, The Lion fears no one. The Lion is an intruder. Each Lion has a different character, keeping the same predatory basics.

Courage, fear, the strongest, are human notions. A crocodile will flee to earth in front of a lion. But in the water, the crocodile no longer fears the lion, Why?

Because the crocodile is designed to be a predator in the water, not on land. This time Ratel has stumbled upon some experienced Lionesses. Lionesses who don’t give a damn about his threats.

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