Territorial Hippo Pounces on a Lion With All Its Might

Hippopotamuses are known for their aggressive behavior, particularly when it comes to protecting their territory. They are territorial animals and will defend their range with force against any perceived threat, including lions.

In a recent incident, a hippopotamus was caught on camera defending its territory against a lion. The lion was attempting to enter the hippo’s territory, when the hippo charged at it with all its might. The impact of the hippo’s charge sent the lion flying several feet into the air.

The hippo continued to pursue the lion, biting and kicking at it. The lion was eventually forced to retreat, leaving the hippo victorious.

The incident is a testament to the strength and ferocity of hippos. They are powerful animals that are not to be trifled with, and they will not hesitate to defend their territory against any perceived threat.

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