Can This Buffalo and Calf Escape These Hungry Wolves?

A pack of wolves chases a buffalo and its calf. Can they catch them after days of starvation? Or can the buffalo and calf live to survive another day?

Storm is an extraordinary wolf – the head of a pack in Canada’s frozen north that hunts the giant buffalo herds. This pack came to fame in Frozen Planet, and now cameraman Jeff Turner spends a year with Storm and his wolf family, learning how they survive in this harsh wilderness and whether Storm can pass his hunting skills on to the new generation of wolf

I’ve seen a lot of “calf hunting” videos with hyenas, wild dogs, wolves, jackals. This mother was amazing, obviously very experienced. The way she kept both of them moving and never allowed the wolves to sink their teeth in, always moving in between them and the calf at the last second. The best such escape I’ve ever seen.

All of these animals are running for their lives. Yet I still want the little calf to make it. But then the unseen wolf cubs back at the den starve to death. Ug, nature you are a cruel teacher.

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