Goose Chick still ALIVE when Eagle’s start eating it

It wasn’t being eaten alive.. the Eagle was removing the down feathers before tearing it apart, at the end of the video. Also the chick was clearly dead at the end, due to shock and suffocation, from the Eagle crushing it to death.

That’s kinda messed up because while the baby bird was getting eating, the parent was just sitting there and just watching the scene like “ Well there goes my son, can’t do much about it.”

What are those blue things on the eagle? a few years back I lived in the mountains of Colorado and was golfing and saw an eagle soar through the sky, such a great moment to watch, there bigger than they look. There wingspan is huge.

The chick was alive as the eagle was tearing its feathers off, but looked dead by the time the eagle began feeding. The eagle had the chicks head pinned and it probably suffocated before being eaten.

Hes doing all the dirty work on the gooses nest instead of doing it on theirs. It also feeds it for his babies and they see it’s pluck so they know how to eat food correctly from the beginning

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