This Is How Turtles Defend Themselves Against Snakes

Respected the boldness of giant tortoises. Their entire build is based on nothing but sheer defense and strong jaws, they are so slow but their entire body is a fortress, of shell and leather.

The only effective ways to end one in shell is gravity, the underbelly and neck. Even then the tortoise is so ungodly sized that virtually nothing can penetrate it yet what possibly can power such a hulking behemoth of turtling? Plants, literally just plants, sure it’s a good amount but still plants.

This aspect of turtles translates over into Rimworld. Countless times have I seen things such as cougars, wargs, foxes, timber wolves, you name it and it’s probably died to a turtle in Rimworld.

To be a little more clear, the predator usually gets the kill in Rimworld, but they usually bleed out due to the prolonged battle and nips and bites from the turtle.

The strongest bite force actually belongs to the larger Saltwater crocodile at around 3700 PSI and they typically dont shy away from snacking on turtles since they can easily crack their shells.

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