Lioness Takes a Beating by Wild Dogs to Save Her Cub

While the lioness was surrounded by the wild dogs, and the wild dogs’ focus was on her, it is almost like she was shouting “go go, run” to her cub, who fled to safety!

Shalin told “We spent about half an hour with a beautiful lioness and her cub when we then moved on looking for wild dogs.

Later we came back to the same site after hearing that there were wild dogs chasing some impalas. When arriving on the scene the wild dogs came upon the female lioness and her cub and began threatening them.”

“I was speechless and worried for the lioness and her cub. According to our guide, all of her previous cubs didn’t survive. The dogs kept on trying to attack, but later on, they gave up and moved on. The lioness and her cub were safe.

“The next day we saw the wild dog pack again. One of the dogs had been bitten and it was limping around.
This was a one of a kind experience for me.”

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