Kangaroo Boxing Fight

Most kangaroos can jump higher than a house. This is mostly due to their very powerful legs, and the fact that houses can’t jump, Can I just say they look creepy. When they stand all the way up, they look like weird hybrid humans, Whenever you hear humans playing dramatic music in the background, you have to fight.

The guy she tells you not to worry about, Someone should make a movie about a kangaroo starting out as a kid and as he gets older he’s climbs into the ranking to be the best kangaroo fighter ever, This is the most unintentionally hilarious video I’ve ever seen.

Kangaroos are basically a hybrid between a rabbit a body builder and Jackie Chan, All the other kangaroos when a fight’s about to go down: aight imma head out, who would’ve thought quarantine had me going so crazy id be up at 3:00 am watching kangaroos boxing, Anyone else realize a kangaroos life is all about squaring up and catching some smoke.

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